Why You Need The Ridgids Reciprocating Saw

RIDGID is publishing a fresh 18 V Cordless Reciprocating Saw in 2018 and we have our hands onto it to used on our cordless reciprocating saw head to mind where it did well against your competition. Ever since testing we’ve been evaluating it on saw reviews. Scheduled to be published in ancient 2018 this brand fresh Gen5X reciprocating saw with fresh 6.0 Ah battery package continues to be very notable.

Characteristics and Features


Join with some HYPER OCTANE battery package to get optimum functioning in heavy duty cutting software.

Brushless Motor Technology

Provides 50 percent more runtime, provides more power and contains an extended engine life 1-1/8″ stroke span in 3,100 strokes per second.

Sight Line Blower

Heads debris off from your cut line.

Adaptive Shoe Plate

Tool totally free and readily adjustable to Boost blade lifetime.

Grip Lighting

Engages Led-light individually of activate to light Work area.


We used exactly the R8643 throughout a latest bathroom demolition project to eliminate several aspects of engineered wood framing therefore that we can re frame the walls that were damaged. Through the years 2×4 claws under the shower window are very rotted due. Even the R8643 saw was comfortable whilst cutting sideways in the place of one’s standard up. The RIDGID R8643 made quick use of this nail. Even the 3,100 RPM cutting rate and orbital action made demolition as well as also the saw is confident with vibration and also did not bog down.

The light emitting diode light emitting that the job area well and RIDGID supplies another light trigger enabling lighting with no blade in motion. Being capable of seeing the workshop that is illuminated is a security feature that is wonderful.

We put the RIDGID R8643 through several regulated evaluations throughout our Cordless Reciprocating Saw check out Head that were also representative of recap saw tasks that lots of transactions utilize. One of those evaluations proved to be a power evaluation that contained cutting through a wood beam.
3/4″ Gas Pipe — This evaluation is applicable specifically to heating and plumbing contractors. We utilized brand new 6″ Lenox 14TPI blades made for thick metal and also required the typical time for 5 cuts. The R8643 averaged 4.4 minutes each cut.

1/2″ EMT Conduit — During this evaluation we mimicked a job that electricians work on a routine foundation. We utilized brand new 6″ Makita 14TPI industrial bi-metal blades and required the typical time for 5 cuts. The R8643 averaged 0.71 minutes each cut.

Nail Embedded Wood — We pinpointed four (4) two ×10 joists together after which set five (5) 16d claws in each two ×10 for a total of twenty (20) claws. Therefore for every single cut we plowed the blade. This includes demolition cutting edge for overall contractors and carpenters, re modelers. We utilized a brand fresh 9″ Milwaukee AX carbide-toothed 5 TPI blade made for nail-embedded timber and required the typical time for 5 cuts. The R8643 averaged 42.3 minutes each cut.


Ergonomics can be a significant category which people play plays an significant function in the tools you pick.

RIDGID has got their own patented molding which prevents the rubber. Additionally yet another rubber casing feature is blade shield that prevents the service out of accidentally sliding while being used forward.


Weighing in at about 1-2 lbs that the R8643 is slightly thicker compared to other saws we analyzed (average weight has been 6.83 pounds ), it’s very sensible and comfortable to use in tight distances or overhead. Vibration and the variable speed trigger are also.

RIDGID can also be upgrading their battery match by being released using HYPER OCTANE batteries. They are going to soon be accessible 6.0 Ah and 9.0 Ah. Starting January or early February RIDGID may provide Bluetooth connectivity to learn more regarding the battery package. We’ll certainly be reviewing the batteries when they reach the industry, and blue tooth program!

Total Travels

If you’re taking the RIDGID stage this reciprocating saw can be actually really just a superb improvement which won’t break the bank. It is sensible and may resist the damage of all their job site. Inside our Reciprocating Saw Head 2 Head this saw ended second out from those 10 saws we analyzed.

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