The Best Bridal Hairstyles That Will Rock This Wedding Season

The wedding season is on the go. Are you are the next bride-to-be in your family now? Then, the preparation is going like a rollercoaster ride, right? In between arranging decorations, food, dress, gust lists, and lots of other important things, you have to think about your look at that special day of your life also.

A wedding day is one of the most precious days in a girl’s life, so you don’t want to ruin it anyhow. So, it is time to figure out your bridal look on that day.

If you have decided your dress, makeup, and other things, this is time to concentrate on your hairstyle. Your hairstyle will play an essential role in making or breaking your look on your wedding day. So, you can talk to your hairstylist much before the wedding and tell him/her about your wish to do your bridal hair.

Today, you will get a list of the best bridal hairdos that can create a beautiful and elegant look of any bride. Depending upon your hair, you can choose anything from this list. Read on to know more-

Keep It Simple with Criss-cross Flower Accented Bun

A stylish and sleek bun can never fail you on your wedding day. This is the most common hairstyle and it won’t take much time to do. If you don’t want to appoint any hairstylist at your wedding, this is something that you can do by yourself also and look amazing.

This bun looks like a donut, and as it is done with all your hair, it gives you a neat look also. When it is done, you can add flower pins to decorate your bridal hair bun.

Go for a Messy Bun

Your wedding day attire should be in a way so that it enhances your personality. If you are a happy-go-lucky person and also a bit adventurous by heart, you can go for a messy bun. Here, your hair is not neatly combed to make a tight bun, rather some strands are kept lose and it looks like a nest. If you are having a wedding on a summer day, you can go for this hairstyle to stay comfortable throughout the rituals.

Though this hairstyle is most suitable for women with curly hair, it can be done with straight hair too. Don’t forget to wrap your bun with a flower garland to get a traditional look.

Try a Chignon

Want to get an international look? You can walk out-of-the-box and try this fabulous hairstyle. This is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles that have been tried so far. It is a format of messy bun where the bun is made a bit lower, just above your shoulder.

This is a classic western look that you can try at your wedding. With curly hair, this hairstyle can create magic. Once you do this hairstyle, your sleek neckline becomes visible and that will create a perfect silhouette of you. Decorate your chignon with flowers, designer pins or whatever you want.

How about Side Parted Ringlet Bun

When it is about a wedding, flowers play an important role everywhere. Whether it is for decoration or the bride’s look and dress, floral designs are hit. Remembering that, this special type of hairdo was invented as a wedding hairstyle and it became popular overnight.

If you are a bit bulky and have fat deposition around your neck and face, this is the perfect hairstyle that will cover those flaws and make you look beautiful. If you accentuate this hairstyle with a designer golden comb, it will look fabulous. Talk to your hairstylist before if you want this hairstyle at your wedding.

Fishtail Braid Is Perfect

Do you have long hair? Do you want to flaunt the length with pride? Then, going for a fishtail braid will be the perfect decision for you. This hairstyle is easy but elegant and perfect to create a traditional look. If you don’t have any problem with your hair coming to your hips on the wedding day, you can go for this braid and look superb.

Decorate your fishtail braid with designer hairpins. Don’t forget to wear a long garland of any white flower at your braid!

Ballerina Bun Is Elegant

How about making your hair fluffy and go for this hairstyle? If your hair is thin enough and you are tensed which hairstyle will suit you, this is the one that you can try. Girls with long hair can easily go for this hairstyle. Here, the bun is set much above your neck so that you get a neat and clean look.

Also, there are loose strands are kept on your face. So, if your face is round-shaped, it can create a nice contour for the perfect bridal look. Try this out at your wedding.

Bumped up Curls Are In

Your wedding is not a function of one day; rather it continues nearly a week. There are lots of occasions and rituals and the bride has to have different looks and be presentable always. After your wedding, there will be reception also, right? Have you thought anything about your look for that day?

How about going for this hairstyle? Here, a bumpit is inserted at the crown of the bride’s head and it gives you a fuller look. If you have thin hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The lower portion of your hair is curled (if you don’t have natural curls) and left at the side of your shoulder.

You will look gorgeous at your reception with this look. Don’t forget to smile!

Cascading Waterfall to Set the Mood

If you have a bunch of hair, which is not easy to maintain and you have always been irritated that no hairstyle looks good on you, leave it on professional hairstylists. They can suggest you have this special hairstyle at your wedding and once you watch yourself in a mirror with that hairdo, you will fall in love with yourself only.

The side-swept, the beautiful braid is sophisticated enough for a wedding and any pre-wedding functions. Designing it with little and colorful flowers can enhance your beauty along with your hairstyle.

So, these are certain bridal hairstyles that you can go to your wedding. You can try something else too. But, just right after your wedding, you will find your hair getting frizzy, dull and you may have hair fall. This is the result of those chemicals and accessories to be used on your wedding day. So, follow certain post-wedding hair care tips to have your healthy hair back-

  • Remove all the accessories right after your wedding.
  • Comb your hair and detangle it. Don’t do it forcefully as that can cause breakage.
  • Oil your hair to bring back the moisture. Then go for shampooing to rinse all chemicals.
  • Don’t forget to condition properly as your hair will be dull and dry after your wedding.
  • Try to avoid hairdryer and any excessive styling for a few days.

Hopefully, you will be delighted with all these solutions to your bridal hair. Get ready for the big day and don’t get tensed much. Life is going to be beautiful!

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