List Of Six The Best Midi Controllers For Logic Pro X

We’ve viewed controls for Ableton, therefore it’s just natural we answer a challenge a lot of you’ve already been asking: What is the best MIDI control for Logic Pro X?

In spite of the joys of Ableton along with also the murmurs of FLStudio, Logic Pro keeps a leading place from the DAW marketplace along with Guru Tools. Section of it has got to do with history — Logic Pro was among those outside DAWs.

However, an even far more important basis behind Logic’s suffering popularity (aside from the features( obviously ) is its own Apple service, and also the integrations that bring you. Whenever you are possessed by the greatest company on earth, you may bet that most manufacturers and applications programmers alike will probably bend over backward to encourage you.

This ensures that as a musician, then you are spoiled for choice so far as picking at the best MIDI control belongs. There are many options.

I’ll talk about my set of their best MIDI controls below. Before sharing my set of the best picks we are going to begin. I’ll wind the round-up with a guide to purchasing the MIDI control for Logic Pro.

For placing with a listing of their best MIDI controls ” I had a Couple of prerequisites:

The control has to incorporate readily using Logic Pro X. Controllers assembled for different DAWs (like Ableton Push) were removed from consideration.
The control is a computer keyboard control or perhaps even a mat control. The evaluations for both are coordinated.
The control has to be considered a commercially offered manufacturing version, no vague customized made brand.

18 MIDI controls were short-listed by me dependent on these requirements. 6 were pad controls and also the remainder were computer keyboard controls. I had the experience with these controls of 1 3.

Build-quality and layout
Vital quality (for computer keyboard controls ), and also pad caliber (for pad controls )
Worth for cash
Logic Pro-X integration

Depending on these metrics, how I assigned a score such as that to each control:

I’ll talk about also my choices and the list for your best MIDI controls again below.

The 6 Best Best MIDI Controllers for Logic ProX

Having some Ableton special controls, you are going to realize that my set of the very best Logic Guru MIDI controls would be just like the others of my set of those best MIDI keyboards.

This must not be surprising. A computer keyboard that operates using Professional or Ableton Tools is going to utilize Logic ProX. The MIDI interface is roughly interoperability.

Bear this in your mind as you are on the industry to get a Logic Professional control. Any control is going to do the project, even when it will not always have clear integration with all the DAW.

Pad Compared to Computer Keyboard Controls

MIDI controls can be found in two variants: computer keyboard controls or pad controls.

Pen controls possess a range of large drum pads (anywhere from 8 to 128) in the place of conventional white and black piano keys. Pad controllers allow you to control the DAW and launch clips. They truly are ideal for an even handson and more instinctive production encounter, though they ideal for sequencing monitors.

Keyboard controls possess your typical group of keys. Even the 25-key version can be classified as”miniature”, whereas the 88-key version is”full-sized” and gets got the very exact octave scope as a traditional piano. MIDI keyboard controls have a few of pads.

Both keyboard and pad controls normally have additional control alternatives such as dials, faders, etc..

I’ll consider the differences between both keyboard and pad controls. For the time being, you ought to be aware that this checklist comprises both control types.

Note: You do not need to Obtain a Logic Pro-specific MIDI controller. Any computer keyboard using a MIDI out will probably operate with Logic. When you own a Yamaha digital piano lying around this affirms MIDI, you are able to hook this up and start jamming.

They are perhaps not crucial personally, although MIDI controls produce a range of control alternatives available for your requirements. If you are on the budget and have accessibility to a computer tool using a MIDI port, then look at using that as opposed to purchasing a brand new MIDI controller.

With all these caveats out of the way, let us look at my choices to find the best MIDI controls for Logic ProX:

Key attributes:

It’s really a rare best-of list it does not possess the jelqing Akai MPK249 at the exact top. This powerful, beautifully developed computer keyboard was my favorite since the launching of this MK2 variant that was revamped.

It ticks all the appropriate boxes: classic design style and structure, 49 keys, 16 reactive pads, and an entire selection of faders, knobs, and buttons. Throw in keys and a LCD monitor also you’ll be able to find out it tops the celebrity graphs.

At which the Akai MPK249 shines, However, the hardware isn’t the sole location. Additionally, it boasts several computer software features. The stand out one of them is Akai’s MPC Essentials computer software. This brings MPC-like work-flows to your apparatus — MPC swing, and note replicate, etc.. These features turn into the 16 pads of the MPK249 . You may produce complex grooves.

This tool enables you to connect up to 8 virtual tools + effects to an electronic virtual”performance” rig. Changing between VSTs, notably in preferences that are life, is not simpler.

Is that the price. This is nearly as great as some other MIDI controller will access.


Excellent Construction and timeless retro layout
Best-in-class semi-weighted secrets
Great software package — MPC Essentials and VIP3.0 specifically
a Great Deal of management alternatives + exceptionally responsive corners


Key attributes:

When you’ve used Logic Guru for almost just about any duration of time, then you’d be aware it is primarily a tool. You can not utilize it to establish clips the manner you’re able to utilize the session perspective of Ableton.

This reduces the impact.

This really is the reason. You are able to remap Logic Guru to be supported by them, however, it takes a little bit of effort. As you’d on Ableton, and you are not likely to find exactly the usefulness.

Bearing this in mind I actually don’t suggest buying just a pad control for Logic Pro X. You’ll find far much better mileage out of a mixed control which unites both a computer keyboard and an adequate quantity of pads.

If you’d need to obtain a mat control I would suggest only the best of the best — Akai APC 40 MK2.

The pad controls of akai have stood among musicians. Music production was revolutionized by the MPC controls of the company. It isn’t an exaggeration to state there could not be any hip-hop if the MPC did not create production-grade sampling and interrogate readily available to the masses.

The APC 40 is still on this heritage of their best equipped and best-built pad controls available on the industry. Everything about this unit yells. The pads include responsiveness. Even the faders have a heft that is missing from alternatives. And the knobs come with.

In comparison to this Mk 1, the APC 40 MK2 is both more stealthy and sleekier. It’s also resulted in a decrease in pad dimensions, which can be currently RGB back-lit (i.e. they are going to demonstrate the colors of your clips). The machine keeps the 16 knobs, in addition to the +1 fader design. There’s just really an enormous collection of switches on the pads, and a pair of arrows to manually restrain the DAW.

The significant issue (that holds the reason for some pad controls ) is inferior Logic Pro integration. The APC 40 integrates directly out of this box using Ableton, yet to receive it assist Logic, you should need to modify things around in smart controllers (here is helpful tips ).

Overall, I wouldn’t suggest that you obtain yourself a pad-only control, but in case you do need you, nothing may be much a lot better compared to Akai APC 40 mk-ii.

Key attributes:

There are brands that I hope to create keyboards. Their controls are not as jazzy as the most recent Nektars, although quite as hyped as Akais, however, they consistently deliver where it matters the most: keyword characteristic and playability.

Even the 49-key variant of Roland’s midsize control, the A-500Pro — is the same.

49 speed sensitive keys with aftertouch texture in the marketplace compared to keyboards. Alternatively of the clickety plastic entirely on a great number of inexpensive MIDI controls, the A-500PRO utilizes ivory-like plastic utilized online concert pianos. This seems great, but features a surface once you are perspiration after a jamming session.

That is not all. The computer keyboard has habit speed settings. You’re able to correct the speed curve to meet your style. Transform it if you like a computer keyboard that is responsive. Transform belt monitors outside and it if you prefer to dig out your hands in.

The computer keyboard isn’t the only thing on offer. The Roland A-500PRO additionally boasts 8 faders, 8+1 knobs, 8 lively pads, along with a range of buttons. Besides, you become dedicated also a LCD screen and also DAW controls to provide MIDI information and track to you.

Perhaps not everything is ideal. The pads are miniature, along with a tad proceed. The faders do not possess these keys’ heft.

For the price tag this is amongst the best keyboards for Logic Pro X that you will find available on the industry.


Supreme Quality keys with aftertouch and habit speed sensitivity
Adequate variety of controller alternatives
Roland’s famous construct Superior


Key attributes:

49 expressive synth-action keys
on Board pitch/mod brakes
8 Hyper Sensitive Flexible pads
Mac, PC and I-OS harmonious
Computer Software tools automatically mapped to controllers
Includes Bitwig 8track DAW

What more can you ask for at a MIDI controller?

It is the best with this particular list. However, it will all that you ask of it, also it won’t burn a hole into your pocket.

I love to think because the Ideal MIDI controller that is intermediate-level of this LX49 +. If you should be at this level, your demands are not basic enough to be fulfilled with way of a miniature controller. Nor have you any idea enough to create complete usage of a costly Akai or even Nektar Panorama. You realize sufficient controllers and keys to produce earning music instinctively.

The computer keyboard is sensitive and synth-action. Also for intermediate level players, these keys are both somewhat elastic and sensitive, although it will not always have the feedback of keys.

The 8 pads that are back-lit are somewhat small but exceptionally reactive. In spite of dimensions and the soundbanks, finger is made by them.

Even the faders and knobs do not have higher-end controllers’ resistance, however, they have the work finished. The faders are into the mixer by simply hitting on the’mixer’ button.

Integration with DAW — for example Logic Guru — free you.

The LCD screen displays information like track BPM. Perhaps not only a killer feature but of good use (and overlooking from several competitions within this scope ).

It isn’t all perfect. The quality is nothing. Piano players that are significant will neglect. And durability remains suspicious.

However, for the cost, this really can be only one among the best”operational” MIDI controls for Logic expert it is possible to purchase at this time.


Great value for cash
a Great Deal of management choices; adequate keyboard
Good integration from the box using Logic ProX

Key attributes:

Small footprint and reduced Fat
Installation alternatives: 25 keys, 8 faders, or 16 pads
25-key version includes keep button for piano components
Pad controller comprises Xy Touch-pad

You will find instances when you’ll need a 3′ extended MIDI controller controlling your own desk.

And there are instances when you have.

The Nanokey2 is just one of the MIDI controls.

You can Purchase the Nanonkey2 Depending upon Your requirements:

Slim-line USB keypad, that comprises a couple of 25″keys” (much including elongated pads) along with octave, mod switches.
Slim-line drum-pad control, which comprises 16 pads along with also an x y touch pad.
Slim-line USB control that contains 8 faders and DAW control switches.

Which version the way you utilize it’s going to vary a lot and you get. A whole good deal make utilize of the 8 fader variation as a mixer. Other folks utilize the variation as a computer keyboard that is mobile. Considering that the price tag, you shift them predicated on things you want right now and may purchase all three.

There a few flaws about the Nanokey. The silicone switches often become stuck. The”keys” are glorified buttons also can not be useful for anything aside from entering notes at a piano roll. And the faders are all plasticky.

A MIDI controller won’t be replaced by the Nanokey. However, just one will be complemented by it. Nonetheless, it in the event that you possess a flat-screen computer keyboard and desire something to match it, or should you would like something mobile.


Extremely lightweight and mobile
Inexpensive; the cheapest version is hardly the price of 2 movie tickets and also a big popcorn
Construction Is a Lot better than you would anticipate

Key attributes:

25 synth-action miniature keys
4-way thumbstick for lively pitch and modulation controller
8 Adaptive velocity-sensitive MPC-style pads
8 assignable Q-Link knob​s
Constructed arpeggiator ​
Committed Octave upward and Octave Down switches

I’ve got a love affair. The Mk 1 variant was. During the moment, it worked well despite the flaws.

The MK2 improves on every element of its iteration. The final result is really actually just a surprisingly well-built and competent control at a price tag which is cheap for just about any celebrity.

Let us focus on this computer keyboard. The keys are”miniature” in preserving the portability motif. They have been comfortable. You can get three trademark sensitivity settings although That you do not secure after-touch. The computer works, although you won’t delight in playing Chopin onto it.

The child MPK is sold speed-sensitive pads, with 8 rubbery. They are not sensitive and big as the APC controls of Akai however they have the work finished.

Besides the pads, then you get 8 knobs that are. You might pick from two banks.

There could be A innovation your joystick that divides the wheels. You obtain the same functionality.

Akai packs into a device that is very small in a number of features. Its measurements are somewhat smaller compared to a notebook’s also it weighs about exactly the exact same being a Pro.

There would be applications features. The MPK Mini MK2 is VIP3.0 harmonious, which opens live operation choices. Additionally, it will come with a optional upgrade for MPC Basics, which attracts MPC work-flows.

There are a lot of flaws — that the keys are not for playing with perfect and also the pads can do with an upgrade. However, also for a beginner or someone searching to their apparatus, this can be among the best MIDI controls.


Outstanding reliability and reduced Fat
Akai construct quality and Basic styled layout
Good all round corners and pads
Amazing value for cash


So that manages my own round up of the best MIDI controls . I’ll share a purchasing guide that will assist you create smarter decisions.

Buying Guide

The criteria for investing in a Logic Pro MIDI controller would be just like buying almost any MIDI controller. Significantly, possess good (and also the ideal number) of keys, possess lots of controllers, and incorporate well with Logic Pro.

Beyond this, all of it boils down to preferences.

Here are a few questions you must answer if you are out there to get a Logic Pro control:

Just how do you want on using this control?

MIDI controls come in three different flavors, Since I mentioned previously:

Pen controls, which contain large drum pads, faders, buttons and knobs.
Keyboard controls, which may have conventional piano keys.
Hybrid controls, that contain both conventional piano keys and some roller pads, faders, along with knobs.

MIDI controls available on industry fall under the next category, like the Akai MPK249.

What type of control you decide on will be determined by what you want on using it.

Keyboard controls are fantastic for makeup. You find full-sized piano keys which makes it simple to play with melodies and chords. When you do not care about launch clips and then have piano-playing experience, this will be your first option.

Pen controls are all fantastic for launch clips along with creating spontaneous compositions. You should pick this choice if you would like to hammer a couple drum designs or take charge of your music on the fly.

The best midi controller for logic pro x. There’s not any sessions perspective such as.

The sessions see of ableton eases the Type

Hybrid controls provide best compromise between composition and controls. You would be given by A fantastic control between keyboards in addition to 8-16 pads. In this manner, hammer outside patterns, you’re able to establish clips, and also write paths — everything from precisely exactly the exact identical controller.

I would advise that you stay glued to controls, unless you’ve got extensive piano playing experience.

Yet another option — that a whole good deal of producers follow — will be always to receive yourself a keyboard control that is normal and set this up. Think about a setup just for this:

Computer keyboard control combo plus A pad control Provides you the best of both worlds

This will give one of the best of both worlds — a computer keyboard for makeup, and a mat control for restraining your DAW.

What type of keys if you really buy?

In the event includes a computer keyboard, you have something to be concerned about?


Fully-weighted: Fully-weighted secrets mimic the activity of a conventional piano. In other words, they’ve an integrated weight which gives immunity once you press on the keys. The weight reduction is changeable octaves are heavier while octaves feel milder. That makes them tougher for piano players however very pleasing for novices.

Semi-weighted: a favorite option in highend MIDI keyboards and midsize electronic pianos, semi-weighted keys come with a combo of synth-action (see below) along with fully-weighted keys. This makes substantial immunity — the keys do not spring”upward” as fast as they’d on synth-action keys. A excellent alternative if you prefer to play with the piano but do not need fully-weighted keys’ immunity.

These keys utilize after getting pushed, the keys to go back to position. Since the springs have no variable immunity, the keys instantly move”upward” after getting pushed. This makes them simpler to use as there is immunity. However, the downside, the keys are cheap and do not give you piano keys’ movement.

You’re going to be hard pressed to come across keys. Even should you locate them, I really don’t advise buying them, if you don’t explicitly require the operation of a piano (in the case, you are better off purchasing an electronic piano).

Your best alternative is always to spring for keys. All these have a tendency to be about the side that is pricey but offer relaxation and playability. You are going to like keyboards When you have a month or two of piano experience.

Both Roland and Akai provide excellent semi-weighted keyboards like Akai MPK249 along with Roland A500-Pro.

Keys are as fun to play with but have much more functionality. If your purpose would be always to input MIDI notes and then play a couple of chords or melodies out keyboards will continue to work alright.

Pick fully-weighted keyboards in the event that you’d like a piano-like playing experience
Purchase synth-action keyboards in the event that you would like an operating MIDI control and also do not possess a lot of piano-playing experience.
Purchase semi-weighted keyboards at a fantastic mixture of playability and functionality

Just how many secrets if you buy?

MIDI keyboards can be found in a selection of sizes, moving all of the way from 25 keys to 88-key keyboards that are full-sized. Even inside precisely exactly the exact same version, you should have size variations, like the Akai MPK249 (using 49 keys) and also MPK261 (using 61 keys).

To Work out How many secrets you need to buy a response the following:

How essential is portability for your requirements personally?
It’s simple. Such a thing outside 3 2 keys makes it tricky for lugging round to continue to preserve the computer keyboard dimensions and weight enough.

But portability has its own undermine — keys that are. Most keyboards decrease keys’ width and duration to suit them. This affects their playability, particularly in the event that you’ve got fat hands like I really do.

I urge people get a miniature computer keyboard, and to acquire a computer keyboard to their studio usage.

Just how much desk space have you got?
The further keys the computer keyboard gets, the more longer table space it will occupy.

By comparison, the Roland FP-30 (using 88keys ) is available in at greater 55″ in total.

There is more than just two feet of distance.

61-key keyboards arrive in approximately 3.5′ to 4′ in diameter. And keyboards are’ wide.

At more than 4’an keyboard demands dining room distance. When you might have a desk that is bigger, it might mess up your installation.

Measure your desk out, before you spring for a computer keyboard. Before you even consider having such a thing outside 49 20, you ought to have 3 feet of distance.

Just how much piano-playing experience have you got?

It’s just overkill for the majority of artists Just as the notion of a computer keyboard is appealing.

Let us be fair bedroom manufacturers do not have the piano skills to get usage of an 88-key computer keyboard. Nor would pieces that they produce or the EDM demand melodies that want tenor keys and bass.

Plus, keyboards that are larger are intimidating. It’s easy to shed track of scales and note positions when you are faced by 7-octaves of all keys.

Such a thing below affects. It’s hard to compose melodies you’ll wind up hitting on on the keys.

For a lot of people, the size is represented by 49-keys. It provides you access to 4 octaves of scope. You’ll find convenient keys on every computer keyboard available on the industry, For those who will need more.

You’re able to upgrade to your computer keyboard if you anticipate playing bits that are more intricate. But 49 keys is plenty of.

How about controller choices?

What type, and how many depends solely in your own production style.

In my circumstance, I rely on computer controllers. I utilize my own keyboard short cuts. The computer keyboard is used for practicing melodies inputting notes, and playing with chords. A MIDI controller using a lot higher than just a couple of control options will be overkill for my own preference.

If your production mode is much, you should have control choices that are substantial. Together with 8 combos, 8-16 pads switches, and DAW controllers, you are able to free your self by the keyboard + mouse combo. Perfect.

But production fashions evolve. You may believe your style demands the usage of controllers, but that could change later on. In the event you picked a control with control alternatives that are minimal, you’re really truly come to feel straitjacketed.

My recommendation for yourself a MIDI controller using 8 pads, and also at 8+8 faders/knobs combo. When it’s DAW control options developed in. This will definitely provide you room enough to accommodate playing styles.

What need to become your financial allowance to get a Logic Pro-X MIDI controller?

MIDI controllers are high priced so much as tools proceed. If you should be utilized to digital pianos that are $ 1000 and guitars, you will be delighted to learn you could purchase MIDI controls at less than $200.

Typically, your funding will impact your decisions as follows (depending on 49 Important controls ):

Not exactly all computer keyboards within this respect are synth-action. Can be offerings & a significant attention clock at 5-8lbs. Some offers on peak of the range ($200) could possess semi-weighted keys. Many may have a combination of controllers and computer keyboards. Players ought to possess a budget between $150-$200 for find a MIDI controller that is decent.
$200-$300: MIDI controls within this scope generally boast extensive controllers (8-16 pads, and 9 faders, 9 springs and 8+ switches really are somewhat typical.

At the end of the scope, you locate keyboards. The quality of gear only at that respect is typically good.
$300+: the very best end of this MIDI controller budget-range comprises superior offerings from famous brands Akai and Roland. Their laptops are and also you also obtain the selection of controllers. Even the build-quality of gear within this range will be more exemplary. It isn’t strange today, to obtain that a 400 Akai working.

You’re going to be hard pressed to come across a MIDI control. Proceed with this range in the event that you’d like control which highlights.

Players should target for a funding between $100-$200. You are going to find yourself a mixture of key-quality build-quality, and controllers.

Intermediate players and novices must target for a funding between $100-$200

If you were playing for a little while, think about splurging to a MIDI controller that is top. Since the playing experience may enhance appreciably Search for secrets. A budget that is 300 is very good for finding some fantastic selections.

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