Great Setups for RAID: Shadow Legends

Basic Set-Ups

All the several sample setups and tier list for winners. These hints won’t connect with every winner! The larger you go, the longer nuance and niche applications you’ll have. All these are meant as starting points and certainly will be general as you can.

The Attackers

Attackers generally might like to perform just as much damage as you possibly can. To ease this, you want eyeglasses having a crit hurt per chief stat, torso with attacker principal stat, and boots together with a rate as a principal stat.

It’s essential that attackers be fast, in order, they are able to obtain their turn away until they have been assaulted. They have been usually brittle and might well not survive long enough to strike if they’re slow.

For place bonuses, then you might require to concentrate on significant rate or rate collections. Critical speed collections are utilized to acquire your critical speed to a decent level, on average you wish to target for a 70% chance to crit maybe more. Nevertheless, because your equipment enhances and also you also get more crit speed from matters such as substats, you are able to commence to modify those places for rate or significant damage places.

In the event the winner has special effects that happen just on a crit, then you might want to make use of crit speed goggles rather than crit harm, to be certain that to obtain 100 percent. Substats you would like is crit pace, crit harm, strike percent, and rate.

For those who might have debuffs, accuracy can be a fantastic substats for, however, you also shouldn’t plan to possess greater than 80-100 accuracy while inside the great majority of situations.

Starting as DPS lets you secure comfortably with encouragement along with different folks also to be in a position to examine the tank and noodle jobs from a viewer’s perspective. This allows you to inquire questions regarding their functions at the function you do desire to research these functions in the future. Employing the cited game being, for instance, the next classes are believed DPS. I have also included the towns you can buy them inside the parenthesis.


Perhaps not many service champs are labeled support! Service is actually really just a champ who’s hooked on fans or debuffs because of their principal contribution to his team. Supports desire rate primary or survivability 2nd. It’s very important they receive their buffs/debuffs up until your team and also perhaps even the enemy team belongs.

Not to say the faster they are, the more usually they get ends, meaning that they will have a simpler time keeping their fans active. 3x rate (or celestial speed) places, together with HP or Defense% strain and torso, depending they scale with speed and also speed boots.

A service that is based on debuffs than fans may wish to ensure they will have good accuracy. This usually means either fantastic accuracy substats, a precision banner ad, or an accuracy collection.

Gearing to get clan boss is quite unique from gearing to different scenarios. Damage from clan boss can come predominantly from enemy maximum HP scaling abilities, toxin or H-P burn up off debuffs, or even perhaps the Giant Slayer/Warmaster command.

Therefore, your primary concern is the rate, to employ them as quickly as you possibly can, survivability to receive as many functions as you possibly can employ them, and accuracy for poisoners/burners to make sure their fans employ.

As an instance: Kael geared toward clan boss will probably be 3x rate collections, H-P% glasses, HP percent or accuracy torso, and rate boots. You wish to target for more than 100 accuracies to guarantee toxin is put on, then make him fast and tanky as you possibly can acquire as many piles as possible.

But this build will cause his harm dreadful in the most additional settings. Thus a pair up such as is advocated just for champs that you utilize only on clan boss.


Tanks tend to be regarded as experts of the battle and, as a result, are viewed to lead the traversal of a dungeon and show its own supervisors’ strategies. That is natural, considering the fact that tanks are always the very first folks to Aggro any upcoming enemies to safeguard the party from injury.

Not just are responsible for function as hurt sponges of this group, however, they truly are also tasked with maintaining Aggro through the duration of the conflict, ensuring both the healer and the DPS functions do not obtain a bit of damage by the enemy.

Defenders are a varied lot, a few are tanker compared to others. An essential creation would be 3x defense collections, together with crit damage percent or shield percent on gloves (according to scaling), shield percent on the torso, and rate boots.

This will differ alot. A defense winner that really needs criticals, can utilize crit gloves, or even crit sets. One aimed toward the stadium might possibly make use of a suspended set. One aimed toward farming can utilize lifesteal.

HP Champs are very similar to Defense champs, but using HP gear rather than defense. They frequently meet similar functions on teams. These winners are especially fantastic users of defense collections.

They’d utilize H-P% torso, HP percent, or crit hurt gloves (according to scaling) rate boots. Sets-they is able to use-life (or poor or divine life), shield, regeneration, or even crit or rate collections.

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