8 On The Budget Decorating Tips

Want to furnish your home in a beautiful manner without breaking the bank? Ten interior designers demonstrate how to do it.

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1. coat of paint

Painting is one of the simplest—and least expensive—methods of updating your space. Interior designer Adam Hunter adds, “A fresh coat can instantly freshen a place.” You don’t have time to paint the entire room? “Just repainting the trim can make a tremendous difference,” says Karen Vidal, an interior designer.

2. Take a look at some of the local art programs

You may not be able to afford an original Picasso, but you may be able to invest in some up-and-coming talent. “Try contacting your local college art program to see if there are any forthcoming student art shows where you may purchase items for a low price,” interior designer James Wheeler suggests. “You’ll save money and possibly come across a lovely piece of original art.” You won’t be able to attend an art show since you’re unable to travel? Request a print of a favorite photograph you’ve shot during your travels from a local printer (yes, even the ones on your smartphone). Alternatively, you could use a gorgeous scarf or piece of cloth to create a frame. Other inexpensive art ideas can be found here.

3. Spend a lot of money on the fixtures you use the most.

Interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe adds, “A comfortable sofa is crucial, especially if you have a family.” “An inexpensive sofa will not hold up well over time and will appear much older than it is.” Save money on less-used items, on the other hand. “When it comes to accent tables, side chairs, and secondary furniture, look for low-cost solutions,” explains interior designer Nicole Fuller. She recommends looking out brands like Anthropologie and Safavieh for affordable yet high-quality products. Also, take in mind that some materials can assist you in saving money. “Grasscloth or sisal carpets are better than wool for huge area rugs,” says Wheeler. “They’re approximately a third the price, can handle heavy traffic in your home, and go with any style of decor,” says the designer.

4. “Shop” from the comfort of your own home

You don’t always have to spend money to design a room. Interior designer Abbe Fenimore advises, “Make the most of your current pieces.” “Move items around or shift them to a different room where they can help elevate or change the aesthetic.” Your furniture’s versatility will astound you.”

5. Go to a flea market

Interior designer Julia Buckingham says, “I love browsing at antique stores and flea markets.” “There are so many unique products at great prices.” Some are wonderful as is, while others may easily be upgraded with a fresh coat of paint, new knobs, or lamp shades.”

6. Replacing Accents

Replace the handles and knobs in your kitchen and bathroom for a quick and inexpensive makeover, according to Lowe. “Lamp shades and light fixtures can also be replaced.” It’s also a good idea to spruce up your seating. “Throw pillows are a terrific way to freshen your home,” says Kyle Schuneman, an interior designer. “They have the ability to alter a sofa in an instant.” You can also switch them up depending on the season (think velvet for winter, linen in summer).

7. Construct an Atmosphere

Wendy Labrum, an interior designer, recommends using candles to create a cozy atmosphere. The soft, diffuse light will transform the room’s appearance and conceal many defects. Another simple idea is to add some greenery. “Bring in real plants, fresh flowers, or fruit dishes,” adds Vance Burke, an interior designer. “They all contribute to the setting of an atmosphere, adding aroma, and conveying a feeling of the season.” And keep in mind that it’s not just about the substance; it’s also about the container!”

8. Reorganize your space!

“Start by getting rid of clutter,” advises interior designer Young Huh, if you want to alter your room without spending a dime. “Assemble your bookshelves and use paintings, boxes, and souvenirs to create a unique look. Keep your surfaces tidy and add some color with a piece of art and flowers.”

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