5 best cassette tape to mp3 converters

5 best cassette tape to mp3 converters

While growing up, it is likely that you had listened to and enjoyed music and tunes from cassette tapes in a cassette player. Now cassette tapes are outdated and it is no longer common to see people using it, everyone now listens to music and sounds from their phones and other gadgets.

Some of the old songs are available in mp3 and other audio file formats but the majority of them are not. You do not have to worry yourself searching for old cassette tape songs online when you can get the mp3 file yourself if you happen to still have the cassette. This can be done with the use of a cassette tape converter device.

These are devices that convert the audio from cassette tapes into digital audio formats like mp3 or wave. If that sounds like the kind of device you would want, check below the list of the top 5 ones you can buy.

1. AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter

Cassette to MP3 Converter, AGPtek Portable Cassette Tape Recorder Player Capture Convert Box for Mac PC with Headphone USB Cable and SoftwareThe AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is compact and easy to use the device. It does not consume much power and it uses battery or USB to power on. You convert your old cassettes in the easiest of ways with this device and you can save it directly to your computer memory. It is also possible to edit the audio as you convert and you can listen to the audio using a headphone, a stereo or whatever speaker you have so you know the output quality you are getting. This device will work on common computer operating systems like the windows and Mac operating systems, it, however, works best with recent versions of these operating systems.

You will be required to install the device software on your PC before you can use the device, it comes in a CD along with the device as you purchase. If your device does not have a CD ROM, you can contact the device manufacturers and they send you a digital copy of the software so you can as well install. To know how to use the AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter successfully, you should make good use of the included user manual as it explains all about the device.

The AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is a very portable device so there will be no issues with carrying it with you anywhere. You should be aware that the quality of the audio output depends mainly on the tape you are converting.


2. Reshow Cassette Player

Reshow Cassette Player – Portable Tape Player Captures MP3 Audio Music via USB – Compatible with Laptops and Personal Computers – Convert Walkman Tape Cassettes to iPod FormatThis device is among the best sellers when it comes to Portable Microcassette Recorders on Amazon and it is a useful device in converting cassette tapes to mp3. The Reshow Cassette Player can be used with the Windows operating system from XP till date and on any MAC higher version 10.5. You install the software using the Software CD plate that is included in the order and if your PC happens to not have a CD ROM, the manufacturers will send you a digital copy if you contact them.

To convert your cassette to mp3, all you have to do is to insert it in the Reshow Cassette Player, connect the device with your PC using the USB, run the software and you are good to go. A user manual is also included in the order, it instructs you on how to use the device properly so you can get the best audio output that can be gotten from the cassette. This device also serves as a normal cassette player so even if you don’t want to convert your cassettes to MP3, you can still enjoy the tunes by playing them as they are.

The Reshow Cassette player is made mainly with plastic with just a little bit of metal in some places so it is advisable that the device is handled with care so it lasts. It is a lightweight product which can be carried easily, you can make use of it almost anywhere you can use headphones or earbuds with it.


3. Inatuur 2000 Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter

2019 Inatuur 2000 Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter Retro Walkman Audio Tape Capture to MP3 for Mac PC Laptop, SliverThe Inatuur Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter is a relatively small and portable device, just big enough to fully contain a cassette tape. It uses battery but also powers on once connected to a PC using a USB cable which means you may not need a battery at all to use this device. No batteries are included when you buy this product so you can as well skip buying some and power it with a USB whenever you want to use it.

It is easy to use in converting and it comes with a software CD to install on your PC. Simply contact the manufacturers to get a soft copy of the installation software if your PC does not have a CD ROM to run the Software CD. The software runs on all windows operating systems from 2000 to the recent ones and you must ensure that your PC has a RAM of 512M or higher and a Hard Disk with at least up to 1GB free space.

You can listen to the audio output using a stereo, headphones, or any other speaker you may have. The quality of the audio output you get is based on what the cassette tape can give, to get the best results, you should make good use of the included user manual. It can also be used as a regular cassette player, it works fine that way too.


4. China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player

4. China Supply Handy USB Cassette PlayerThe China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player is one of the best cassette tapes to mp3 converter device you can lay your hands on. It powers on when connected to a USB so in using this device, you won’t really be needing batteries. Converting cassette tapes to mp3 files using this handy USB cassette player is relatively easy, it is a simple plug and play device that records instantly. Installing the device software is easy and takes just minutes to be completed, it uses the popular Audacity software for the conversion and you can as well edit the audio so as to get the best output.

The software is contained in a mini-CD that comes with the device, you can as well skip using it and just simply download the Audacity software online. That way, you can download the most recent version and the best compatible with your PC. It comes with earphones so you can listen to the output audio, you can as well plug it to a headphone or stereo.

If you need just a simple cassette player, the China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player will also be of good use, it is very portable so you can carry it along with you anywhere. For this, however, you will be needing batteries, the device uses 2 AA batteries and you will find it convenient to use as it features various control buttons.


5. Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Convertor

5. Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape ConvertorLast on the list is another very functional cassette tape converter and an ideal buying choice. This device is a handheld one, very portable and ultra lightweight, no stress is encountered when it comes to carrying it around. You power it on using the included USB or you can purchase 2 AA batteries, it consumes less power as it consumes a maximum of 400mw. The conversion software it comes with is Audacity, the software is contained in a mini CD. You can install it using the CD plate or better still download the Audacity software online.

Using the Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter to convert your old cassette tapes is a very easy process; Input your cassette tape into the Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter, connect it to your PC with the USB cable, run the software and you get your audio file. The audio file can be set to either mp3 or wave and you can leave your files stored in your PC or you can burn it to a CD.

You can listen to your audio output using any speaker system like a stereo or a headphone. There is an included user guide to aid you in using the device so your audio output is at its possible best. The Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter is not just a cassette converter device, it also serves as a personal cassette player to play and enjoy songs from your old cassettes.


Cassette tape converters are very useful devices as they serve a unique purpose. Getting a cassette tape converter can help preserve old music so they can be retained as mp3 files. Any of the 5 listed cassette tape converters will make a good buy if you need one, they are among the best products you can get in that regard and are very functional. If any problem is encountered with the product, you can easily contact the manufacturers to lay your complaint. Finally, the devices should be handled with care if they as they are mainly made with plastic.

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